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inflo͝oəns Graphene Condoms - FAQ

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

  1. Why are graphene condoms more expensive? - At present, preparation methods and mass production are a major bottleneck in graphene industry. But through more than a decade of effects, our supplier became one of the first company to successfully add graphene in a composite latex.

  2. Why graphene condoms can protect effectively against the virus? - Graphene is the thinnest and strongest material so far. Extremely thin but very dense, Even the smallest atom cannot go through it.

  3. How do we do “no foreign feeling”? - Because of graphene’s high thermal conductivity, It can instantly imitate the skin’s temperature, so that you can experience the real touch with your skin.

  4. Graphene’s healthcare functions - Graphene is a natural source of infrared radiation, When the temperature is above 35℃, the graphene infrared emission condition is achieved ,The maintenance effect is achieved when it is close to human organs and open to the blood circulation of the organs

  5. How does graphene kill virus? - Graphene is physically sterilizing, so it kills by cutting into the membrane of the bacteria. The sterilization effect is achieved by the moment contact with germ cells.

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