About Us

Historically, products related to intimacy were predominantly male-focused, even if they were designed for women's use.

The industry has brought on a new voice for what many consumers of all genders actually want, which products that prioritize function and inclusion rather than gratuitous aesthetics. 


The nuanced ways we have become accustomed to expressing our sexuality and expectation are wanting a brand that caters to just that!

inflo͝oəns aims to deflect the negative stereotype that the industry has on intimate products. Our graphene condom is the latest in condom technology and boasts of a truly intimate experience.

100% satisfaction with incredible sensitivity that allows you and your partner to encounter millimeters short of skin to skin experience.

Our Mandate:

Endorse the latest technology in graphene condoms, which provides insight and promotes safe sex.

Our Products

Below are our unique products categorized into 3 major groups:






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